Sustainable solution for small farmers

December 13, 2017

Human life depends on food, and in developing countries most of that food is produced by small farmers. Despite the vital role farmers play in food security, most struggle to make a living—and many more are leaving farming to pursue economic opportunities in urban areas. The rural-urban migration creates societal imbalances with severe consequences to development and growth.

Government subsidies and other assistance provide some relief, but many small farmers remain illiterate and impoverished, with limited access to mainstream services. They operate in isolation, with little or no bargaining capacity. They also lack access to capital and credit as well as high-quality agricultural practices and markets that could improve their productivity.

What these farmers need are reliable, convenient, and sustainable solutions that address their challenges.

The plight of small farmers is an issue that matters to all of us. Only by making their work more efficient, more profitable, and more sustainable can we meet the ever-increasing need for available and affordable food.

As demonstrated, eAgriculture provides a cost-effective and sustainable way to help small farmers. The impact on farmers’ lives is potentially immense, as they are able to lower costs, improve productivity, and increase incomes.

The impact on society of this bottom-up, collaborative business model is equally powerful, as countries can achieve greater food security, while also creating jobs and strengthening long-term economic growth.


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