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Scope of Fruits & vegetables supply chain in India

November 22, 2017

There is a colossal waste during the post-harvest storage and handling due to improper bagging without crating, lack of temperature controlled vehicles, no cold chain facilities for preserving the produce, coupled with significant processing of the agricultural produce resulting in enormous losses to the nation. Given the characteristics of fruits

Investment in agritech startups | Changing face of agriculture in India

November 10, 2017

India holds the record for the second-largest agricultural land in the world, with around 60% rural Indian households making their living from agriculture thus creating a huge scope for agritech startups in the country. Investors are also focusing in agriculture sector... read more...

Why agriculture startup after IIT

October 31, 2017

Hi, I am Anu Meena, recently graduated from IIT Delhi. I belong to a very small village Manoli in Rajasthan, I have completed my schooling from there till 10th grade. I have observed farmer’s problem very closely. I have seen how... read more...